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“A collection of 5 books Eric has deemed essential to the understanding of working with the etheric formative forces, the type of electricity that Tesla discovered being one of these lost forces. These books are volumes of lost technology. One is over 1500 pages long and combined these books are almost 400 years old. Eric told me ‘Don’t bother talking to me about this stuff until you have read these'”

“Here are some amazing experiments proving Tesla’s work we did at Borderland labs in the late 1980’s.
* The One-Wire Electrical Transmission System
* The Wireless Power Transmission System
* Transmission of Direct Current through Space
* A novel form of electric light powered by a single wire which attracts material objects but repels a human hand!
Also presented is a longitudinal ground broadcast from our lab to a nearby beach, using the Pacific Ocean as an antenna. These experiments can be reproduced by any competent researcher, there are no secrets here!”

As a fifteen year old he got his first job with Americas biggest Radio corporation RCA, as a 16 year old he graduated high-school as a full fledged engineer and began working for Bell Labs and then went on to conquer every technical challenge the US Navy threw at him. Eric Dollard is without a doubt the Greatest Hacker Alive, much as Tesla was the greatest Hacker who ever lived. Eric Dollard has dedicated his life to discovering scientific truth to better humanity. He succeeded beyond all expectations and even surpassed Nikola Tesla. His reward has been tyranny and poverty. The work of Eric Dollard was the very pinnacle of any available material. As I got closer to his work I began to wonder what he was up to. I was shocked and horrified to learn that he was now homeless. His last lab having been destroyed and all his work stolen. There are active agents of suppression working against people like Eric Dollard and Tesla before him. These agents are shadowy and have great power. They can shatter the best laid plans of the individual. My hope is that we the people working together can triumph over them. Those that don’t believe that such powers exist should look for another worthy campaign to aid. Those looking at this as an investment, look elsewhere as this is not a mere charity campaign but a bold declaration of defiance to the powers that be.

All the funds will go to Eric Dollard. If we do not meet the goal all the funds also go to Eric Dollard. The goal is just my humble estimation of how much the legal proceedings will be for a few months and hopefully to get Eric off the street. The more we get the closer we can get Eric back his lab or setup a new lab. One of the most respected venture capitlists in this field said that “Eric has done more on foodstamps than all my other investments” This is what caught my eye and it is very true. Eric can make do with very little but I estimate it will take around $200,000 to set him up with a functioning bare bones lab again.

The Work Of Eric Dollard
by Tom Brown / 09-09-1988

Eric Dollard is a scientist of the type found in America around the turn of the century. He is an electrical engineer of the old school relying on experience with equipment rather than acceptance of mathematical considerations. He has studied the works of Nikola Tesla and Charles Proteus Steinmetz extensively and has applied their principles to his research. He has advanced the mathematical works of the early electrical pioneers to the stage of pragmatic industrial engineering. This was only possible by bypassing all modern relativistic theories and concepts of electrons flowing through wires, and instead maintaining the ether theories from which modern electrical equipment originally emerged. Eric’s work is a direct continuation of the works of Tesla, Steinmetz, Oliver Heaviside, Philo Farnsworth II, and other energy pioneers whose work can be reproduced and used.

Eric has written over 30 notebooks of material covering his years of research. Five of these notebooks have been published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation: Condensed Intro To Tesla Transformers; Dielectric & Magnetic Discharges In Electrical Windings; Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves; Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave (In Time); and The Theory of Wireless Power. These books are all practical and engineering oriented. The Alternating Electric Waves paper, presenting Eric’s Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity, was written after his discovery of how to generate excess magnetizing power in an industrial situation (using synchronous motors in a huge shipyard) and make the KVAR (Kilo Volt Amperes Reactive) meter turn backwards. Eric discovered that these industrial meters are pinned so that they will not turn backwards, but they can be stopped, creating readily realizable savings for the industrialist.

Further development of Eric’s ideas has been presented at the U.S.P.A. Conference in 1987 in his talk, Representations of Electric Induction, which also included a demonstration of the Tesla One-Wire Transmission of Electricity. The One-Wire Electric Transmission has direct commercial applications in the realm of real full spectrum incandescent lighting, which could be used in operating rooms, highway lighting, schoolrooms, offices, etc. In Eric’s talk at the 1988 International Tesla Symposium he presented the engineering mathematics to continue work on Tesla’s oscillating coils while shedding the misconceptions attached by modern physics which have brought real research into Tesla to a dead halt. The engineering mathematics developed by Eric will allow researchers to manufacture coils with practical uses rather than just making sparks.

The broadcasting of electricity, distortion free worldwide radio transmission, and single element full-spectrum incandescent lamps are just a few of the spinoffs taken from the realm of abstraction and brought to the reality of the lab bench by Eric’s work, but perhaps the most commercial of all is what Eric terms, “The Ultimate Sound System”. Eric has developed the principle and the first prototypes of distortion free audio amplification. This discovery, if properly applied, has the potential to revolutionize the entire audio industry, as well as the reality of related spinoffs into the communications and power transmission industries. In Borderland’s videotape, Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves, Eric presents practical uses of Tesla’s theories for power transmission, and in the process opens up, through the use of clear, reproducible experiments, aspects of electricity which have only been partially theorized in the past. Extensions of his industrial power work are presented with practical applications for increased power efficiency in industrial situations.

In brief, Eric Dollard has single-handedly carried the works of the early electrical pioneers to a stage where they can be applied to everyday uses. There is no false promise of “free energy” sometime in the future, just a better technology we can use NOW!

Eric made an excellent video about the truth of the Tesla Marconi radio station and why it was shut down. When this video was made Eric still did not know the full extent of the suppression. The books of Gerry Vassilatos, Secrets of Cold war Technology and the Vril Compendium, showed him just how far RCA and the shadowy organizations funded by the central banking cartel went to suppress Tesla’s longitudinal wave technology.

The Case of Eric Dollard

Nikola Tesla single handedly gave us the technology that has created our entire power grid and communications systems.  As the pinnacle of the evolution of the Victorian scientists Tesla aspired to create a system that would light up the entire world without wires. In the end a combination of his own wreck less decisions and the agenda of the moneyed elite brought upon his downfall and banishment. Undaunted by this, Eric’s set out to recreate all of Tesla’s technology and to design a system of self powering, faster than light and lossless  communication. Eric was successful in rediscovering Tesla’s core work, yet he is now living out in the desert. His laboratory and all of his possessions taken were from him. Eric’s story is the story of all those who fight for truth in defiance of power. How his story ends is up to us.

As a fifteen year old Eric was granted free access to RCA’s great Bolinas Radio Facility. RCA, America’s biggest Radio station at the time was happy to grand the young prodigy complete access to all of their facilities for his research into high frequency alternating current. Eric wasn’t on the payroll for legal reasons but those in the know were aware of how how great a competitive advantage Eric Dollard could give them. Bell Telephone quickly snatched him up right out of High School and also gave him free reign to persue his experiments, while not officially on the payroll. Eric was still only sixteen. Eric left high school with three certifications as a full fledged engineer at the age of sixteen. Bell Labs called him their “Golden boy” and “Angel of Electricity”.

To pursue true science is to pursue truth and all truth seekers are to tested. Eric learned this a hard way at an early age when his parents wrecked his garage laboratory and kicked him out of the house. This was to be the first time his laboratory and work would be deliberately destroyed. In desperation he enlisted in the US Navy. They gladly accepted the young recruit and after aptitude testing referred to him as “God’s gift to the Navy”.  He solved their “impossible problems” with ease and later returned to RCA to save their network from the rapidly advancing threat of satellite communications.

Eric was happy to be back at the massive Bolinas station as he was beginning to see just how special it was among radio facilities. The great Bolinas Radio station, also called KPH was one of the oldest in the world and it held a secret that had been covered up for decades. He began to see that much was being hidden about how radio really worked. With his free time he began peering into the forbidden history of radio. Then one day he read a copy of John O’Neill’s book Prodigal Genius.  The suppressed history of Nikola Tesla was laid before him. Eric began to see how the radio system as it was now was merely a shadow of what it was intended to be and once was.

Eric began reading all of Tesla’s patents and lectures. What he discovered was that after reinventing alternating current in the 1890’s Tesla then discovered an entirely new kind of electricity that was not electro magnetic in origin, hence completely different from the system we use today. This was confirmed by reading the court transcripts from the patent trial between Tesla and Marconi, where Tesla stated many times that his technology was not electro magnetic, a statement that at the time fell on deaf ears. Eric, however, heard him loud and clear. If Tesla’s discovery did not use electro magnetic waves then what kind of waves where they and how was it different? Eric did not turn to the false path of theorizing with nebulous mathematics as our modern day physics would but to experimentation, as Tesla himself always did. From his lab in California and working the salvage business  Eric managed to recreate all of Tesla’s key experiments. What he discovered would come as a surprise to even the most learned Tesla fan.

Most scientists associate Tesla’s work with Frankenstein movies the same way  children do. Even the most avid Tesla fans build Telsa Coils for Halloween entertainment and completely miss the point of his invention.
Tesla’s system of wireless transmission of power and communications was not through the sky, but through the earth, as in the actual ground. While it did naturally reach out into the atmosphere, the earth itself was the main conductor.
Tesla discovered a completely new kind of electrical energy, one that was faster than the speed of light and did not lose strength as it was transmitted. hence it was NOT electro magnetic. It has come to be called scalar waves by some but the proper term is longitudinal waves. Eric calls this energy in electrical form “dielectricity”
This new energy could send power through the earth and the earth amplified this energy as it traveled, meaning that one transmitting station could send one million volts through the ground and 5 receiving stations whether around the neighborhood or around the world could each receive one million volts, for a total of five million volts of power!
This energy could be used to send communications as well as power, and this was the case from 1900 to the 1919’s until RCA refitted the landmark Bolinas plant and suppressed the Tesla longitudinal technology.

Tesla’s secret project was about far more than simply transmitting electricity without wires. It was about all communications at faster than light speeds and giving energy away to all humanity for nothing. Tesla figured it all out in theory and tested it at Colorado Springs but did not complete his system at Wardenclyffee. Eric Dollard has figured out how to implement the core of these ideas into a viable system. The first major radio installation in the USA was at Bolinas California. The same station where Eric got his start as a fifteen year old engineer working for RCA. Bolinas was first built by Italian inventor Marconi in California in 1913. Marconi used 17 of Tesla’s patents to build this system and it worked. This station used massive plates in the ground, one buried in the ocean near the fault lines, to transmit radio waves that ALSO carried power, not enough to power homes but certainly enough to power radios. This is why the old crystal radio sets of the 20’s and 30’s had bright clear sound with NO BATTERY or WIRE to the WALL OUTLET!  You can still make radio wave powered radios using bottles and wires that work with no batteries our wall outlet. The science is very real.

This old crystal radio set from the 20s used to work LOUD and clear using the radio signals sent in that era, no wall outlet. Those radio stations have long since been taken down…

The Bolinas Tesla/Marconi radio station is also known as KPH by those old timers who still know of it’s significance. The secret this facility holds is the key to unlocking faster than light radio, wireless power transmission and free energy synthesis. Eric has dedicated 2/3rds of his life trying to save this secret and resurrect it for the benefit of mankind. Thus we can now see that the first radio stations in the USA were leading back to Tesla’s free power transmission system that sent radio waves using Tesla’s method. Marconi did not go all the way and build it as Tesla envisioned which was to broadcast  power to a network of such stations worldwide. The Tesla Marconi station sent out radio waves using Tesla’s longitudinal wave technology. These waves provided enough power to amplify the signals it sent without any external electricity, even worse the existence of such technology left the door wide open for others to naturally pursue the transmission of energy via radio. This was far too threatening for the energy industry and they had Marconi’s station shut down and replaced with an inferior system of electro magnetic waves, which is what we use today.

The Alexanderson Antennas MTA’s hold the secret to electrostatic non wave length radio technology. Faster than light, lossless and long suppressed.

Ernest Alexanderson was the protege of Charles Steinmetz. His generators based on Tesla tech are extremely advanced even today.

This plant was further augmented with the technology of another brilliant radio engineer by the name of Alexandersson. It became such a prized jewel into crown of the military industrial complex that it’s secret had to be hidden away. The true value of the Bolinas Radio station can now be seen.Not only did RCA bury it;s significance but other shadowy NGO’s such as Commonwael of Bolinas, California made it there prime directive to literally bury the facility under a pile of dirt and garbage. Commonwael poses as a harmless NGO but this belies it’s true purpose as a front of the central banking cartel to suppress forbidden technologies.

Tesla is now wrapped within the cloak of a deep mystique as a flawless genius who invented AC current, radio, electricity and pretty much everything else. Tesla was indeed a magnificent genius but he was far from perfect. People blame J.P. Morgan for crushing his dream at Wardenclyffe but they fail to do their research, read the book Empire of Lights, and see that Tesla had received monies from Morgan to develop telegraphic radio and from Astor for the florescent light bulk yet Tesla in his own idealistic way spent the money instead to further his own theoretical research, which lead not to the promised deliverables but to a lack of confidence amongst him and his investors instead. The mystique buries Tesla under a mountain of sugar and keeps his admirers from seeing the true and revolutionary nature of his work.

Eric Dollard claims that the vast majority of Tesla societies are dis-information fronts funded and controlled by the very same interests that suppressed Tesla’s work. Eric gave several long and deep presentations on the truth of Tesla’s work at the San Francisco Tesla Society. To this day these video presentations and even a book that Eric had written are being withheld from the Public by the San Francisco Tesla Society, a now revealed to be a front for the Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Those who wish to know the truth about radio and Tesla’s real work should connect Eric Dollard with an attorney willing to sue the San Francisco Tesla Society in court to retrieve the videos and book.

After Eric confirmed and double checked all these findings he was left to accept a very painful political truth. All of Tesla’s work with this new type of electricity and wave form had been actively suppressed. Despite this new type of energy wave being far more cost efficient and effective it was banned from all commercial use and banished from textbooks as well. The scientific community has disavowed any knowledge of it, why? This original form of transmission, called dielectric wave forms, if allowed to proliferate through the industry would have naturally lead to the transmission  and synthesis of energy at no cost. The very intellectual admission of the existence of this type of energy was the admission that there was energy all around us. Victorian scientists up until the twentieth  century called this energy field that permeated the entire universe, the aether. Tesla believed that his system of longitudinal electricity worked because of the aether. The aether was a dangerous concept to the energy barons such as Rockefeller, Morgan and the central bankers that funded them such as the Rothschilds. It was not enough to destroy Nikola Tesla, and to tear down any trace of such technology such as the Marconi radio plants built with Tesla and Alexandersson dielectric technology. The powers that be had to completely destroy the very idea of the aether and ensure that free energy would never again threaten their monopoly.

Physics was hijacked and turned into a religious cult of personality. Nebulous theories and quirky characters were constructed to misinform all generations afterwards. Eric Dollard has not been shy in his writings and named The Theory of Relativity and Einstein as the main constructs to this end. Many other scientists support him and there is a growing movement to liberate physics from pseudo psychics and the high priests of nebulous pseudoscientific banker funded dogma. Time magazine, The NY Times and many other publications have recently published articles citing the evidence that Einstein was wrong. Einstein was proven wrong the moment he introduced his theory and has been proven wrong countless times since, yet we still hail him as a saint of science. The suppression is inter generational and Einstein was only the first pillar of the deception. Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and most recently Michio Kaku have taken up the flag of obfuscated mysticism in a desperate effort to suppress aether theory. All this at the bidding of the same central banking giants which sprang from the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. Knowing this and knowing the fate of Tesla and all those that tried after him to recreate his work was not enough to stop Mr. Dollard. Eric went about his work and peered even more deeply into the past.

Science and logic alone were not enough to comprehend the aether and how energy flowed through it and from within it. Eric looked to the legendary mathematician Charles P Steinmetz and to Oliver Heaviside for answers. Their censored writings revealed that they too had taken this battle for truth upon themselves and were met with the same resistance. In their mathematics and Tesla’s experiments lie the key to unlocking the aether but there was one element missing to decipher the riddle. Johannes Sebastian Bach and his music held the answer. The multi-dimensional  organ music of Bach began to reveal an organic matrix to Eric. He began to see the work of Bach as a culmination of the same thread of natural science exposed by Pythagoras of Samos. The aether and the energy it produced was not some mechanical construct and thus pure mechanics and mathematics alone could not represent it. The aether was an organic energy matrix and it was as responsible for the static electricity in the air as it was for the plants that grow from the ground and the animals that walk the earth. Eric had begun to step out of the world of pure science and into the metaphysical.

Eric noticed in his experiments that when he ran this special electricity of Tesla’s through wood or other organic matter that it would burn tree like etchings into it. They looked like the branches of trees and their dimensions reflected the golden ratio. Going a step further Eric noticed that when this energy was transmitted within vacuum bulbs that galactic formations and cosmic arrangements would form within the bulbs. It was as if he was looking through the Hubble telescope through a light bulb on his lab bench. Further experiments revealed the fractal organic nature of all matter. The aether theory became all the stronger the more one compared the cosmic and organic. Eric would progress even further into the study of the ether. The more he experimented with channeling dielectricty through various enclosed spaces the more he uncovered the truth behind the “Theory of Creation” The Big Bang was a big Hoax and Einstein, Darwin and the whole lot of them were crushed by his experiments. Eric Dollard now became a very dangerous man to the establishment as his scientifically proven and tested research could destroy the web of lies which they had carefully built for over the past three hundred years. The aether was ever present and could project it’s formative powers to any proportions. The deeper he went into true science the more that he saw that science and spirituality were one and the same. He began to see quantum physics as a misinformation campaign for true aetheric science. The mystics of the past knew more of true science than the quantum physics of today.

The shape on the left has been burned into wood by a Tesla coil. The right is the special kind of electricity Tesla discovered in its pure raw form. Notice the organic shape.

A retired aerospace technician named Walter J De-Roche, who would die under suspicious circumstances, left Eric a facility which was once used for Ionospheric and Telluric research. This was the last research laboratory Eric had and was located at Landers California. A wealthy investor in the alternative science scene once commented that “Eric Dollard has done more with food stamps than you all have with millions” This kind of praise was not an understatement as Eric single handedly transformed the long abandoned Landers facility into a radio base to serve the country of San Bernadino and the 29 Palms Marine Corp Base as a civil defense station and earthquake warning system. On a shoestring budget Eric had taken Telluric ,relating to the study of electricity within the earth, research to new heights and his facility could even detect underground nuclear blasts from North Korea. The Landers plant could be scaled to serve the entire country with free, loss less, faster than light radio, save lives via earth quake detection and potentially far more. Upon the completion of this modern day wonder, the powers that be swooped, shut it down and destroyed it. A certain Roy McGee and Olin Bates worked together to cheat Eric out of the property and even confiscated all his notes, gear and work.

After losing this, his last laboratory and being so close to implementing a system that would revolutionize communication for the community, Navy and possibly the entire country Eric has realized that his work shall always be marked for destruction. Eric wants those that truly desire the advancement of science to step forward and support a campaign to sue the guilty parties in court and get back his life’s work. The potential for the advancement of humanity is tremendous.

Eric inherited a radio station in Landers, CA from a friend. He spent years building it up and turned it into the an advanced ground radio station that could detect earthquakes before they occur, transmit faster than light radio with no losses and potentially far more. The “far more” part sent the powers that be scrambling to destroy it and they did.

Eric, now in his sixties has had to endure more hardship than most humans and even rebel scientists can imagine. He has been assaulted many times and suffered serious injuries. He has had his home and lab’s raided repeatedly and been driven to homelessness. All of his friends have betrayed him, all of his possessions taken from him and worse still all of his notes and work burned. In this last scenario they even took his pet dog away from him. While Eric has had to face off with the men in Black many times, it was the women in white that the powers that be choose to send after him this time. An NGO posing as a charitable foundation but in actuality being a front of the energy brokers was what did him in this time. They knew he was close to releasing something monumental and they swooped in and took everything but his life.

Eric has not given up. While he has rebuilt his lab many times and rallied to the finish line alone, this time it is different. Now in his sixties, black listed and without a penny to his name we cannot ask this man to try and bless the human race with the gift of free natural energy yet again, not without our help. There are three things you can do right now to help Eric P Dollard and his mission.
1. Believe in abundance, believe that energy for all humanity at no cost is as natural as a seed in the ground producing fruit. This is the hardest thing but it only takes a second.
2. Send this article to your friends and spread the word about The Mission of Eric P Dollard.
3. Write Eric a letter! Not an email, a real paper letter, in the mail! Eric is old fashioned. analog only and homeless but he does have a PO Box. It would help his spirits immensely to know he had believers. Eric has not given up, he is still trying to pass on his knowledge so that others might recreate his work and Tesla’s work.

Eric Dollard
General Delivery
Lone Pine, CA 93545


“The monophasic dielectric forces developed thru the work of Nikola Tesla nullify relativistic relations. Tesla, thru a unique space-time hysteresis electrically “grounded” to a zero order Galilean coordinate system. It is also the cathode ray projector tubes utilized by Tesla in his atomic studies also nullify relativistic relations. Tesla’s remarks about “radiant matter” indicate the existence of cosmic rays of immense penetrating power moving fifty (50) times faster than the velocity of light (Le Sage particles).”

Explore the Airwaves with Weekend Projects
by Nick Normal  / 2012/07/13

In just a few hours you can make a completely batteryless AM radio receiver with a range of around 25 miles. Built with a small assortment of components, some scrap wood, and a beverage bottle tightly wound with magnet wire, we call this project Bottle Radio. Similar to other “crystal radio” projects, the crystal in this build is contained inside a germanium diode, which rectifies incoming audio signal. The radio operates on the power from radio waves, and receives signal from a long wire antenna. When this signal enters the diode, it contains positive and negative peaks, however the diode, only allowing signal to pass in the forward direction, converts the alternating current of the signal into direct current. That current then vibrates a diaphragm inside a crystal earphone, allowing you to hear the radio without any visible power source!

If it sounds difficult, it’s not. In fact once you have your parts in hand, this project will only take a couple hours to assemble. Watch the video below to see how the entire circuit works, and we also provide some tips on the project page for extending the range of your receiver using a loop antenna and RF amplifier.