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Get Grandpa’s FBI File

… because if you don’t ask, you’ll never know …

If you’ll just fill in the information below, we’ll gin up some nice
letters you can send off to the FBI to get the records you’re looking
for …

Tell us about yourself

Your name
Street address
City State Zip

Most requests end up not costing anything because the FBI will give
you the first hundred pages of any file for free. However, pages
beyond 100 are charged at ten cents per page, and the FBI requires you
to state up front that you will pay these copying charges or they
won’t process your request. The good news is that you can put a cap on
the maximum amount you’re willing to pay. We suggest $30 as a good
amount. Please note that you do not need to send any money at this
time. What is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for this
request? See FAQ: Fees for more information.

(Concerned about your privacy? We are too — so see “FAQ: Why are we
asking these questions?”.)

Tell us about the deceased person who is the subject of your request

Subject’s name
Date of birth
Date of death

What form of “proof of death” will you include with your request to
prove to the FBI that the person whose records you’re requesting is
actually dead? (For more information, see “FAQ: Proof of death”).

Is there any other information you can provide to help the FBI find
records on this person? If so, please write a complete sentence or two
here, like “John Doe was born in Ireland and immigrated to America in
1935. He was arrested by the FBI in 1950 in Chicago for participating
in Communist rallies.” If you can’t think of anything to add, just
leave this field blank.

By default, we will create a request letter for FBI Headquarters.
However, not all records are stored at HQ — some are stored at FBI
Field Offices. As a result, it can be important to request records
from relevant Field Offices. For example, if you know the person on
whom you’re requesting records was arrested by the FBI in Boston or
spent most of his or her adult life in San Francisco, you should
select those cities in the list below. But please select no more than
six Field Offices.

Albany Albuquerque Anchorage Atlanta Baltimore
Birmingham Boston Buffalo Charlotte Chicago
Cincinnati Cleveland Columbia Dallas Denver
Detroit El Paso Honolulu Houston Indianapolis
Jackson Jacksonville Kansas City Knoxville Las Vegas
Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Milwaukee
Minneapolis Mobile New Haven New Orleans New York
Newark Norfolk North Miami Beach Oklahoma City Omaha
Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Richmond
Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco
San Juan Seattle Springfield St. Louis Tampa
Washington D.C.

(Note that the Washington DC Field Office is not the same as FBI
Headquarters. The DC Field Office holds files concerning the
Washington DC region.)

All set? Then click on the green arrow to print your letters!

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