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“In October 2003 the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission placed
200,000 of Enron’s internal emails from 1999-2002 into the public
domain as part of its ongoing investigations. The archive offers an
extraordinary window into the lives and preoccupations of Enron’s top
executives during a turbulent period. Read more about Enron’s demise on

Trampoline engineers used this data as testbed during development of
the company’s SONAR technology. The result was so fascinating we
decided to open it up and allow anyone to dig in. The Enron Explorer
lets you investigate the actions and reactions of Enron’s senior
management team as the noose began to tighten.

How to use it
Click a name in the panel below to open an Enron executive’s mailbox.
Read any email by clicking the subject. Enron Explorer analyses each
person’s main contacts and the themes they’re talking about. Launch the
Visualiser to see each person’s social network (Java required). Click a
contact in the Visualiser to shift the focus to them and load their
mailbox, contacts and themes. Click a theme to access all relevant

Enron executives
* Kenneth Lay (CEO)
* Andrew Fastow (CFO)
* Jeffrey Skilling (CEO)
* Jeff Dasovich (Director)
* Susan Mara (Director)
* Richard Shapiro (VP)
* Steven Kean (VP)
* James Steffes (VP)
* Paul Kaufman (VP)
* Sara Shackleton (VP)
* Tana Jones
* Mark Taylor

Interesting searches
* California Energy
* Chapter 11
* Raptor
* Redundancy
* Insider trading
* Shredding
* Court
* Republican party
* Paranoid
* Pension
* Severance
* Whistleblower

About Trampoline
Trampoline Systems brings together ethnographers, software engineers,
interaction experts and business development consultants. What unites
us is a vision of software so closely in tune with human instincts that
users hardly notice it.

The company was formed in 2003 with seed finance from funds and
private investors in San Francisco, London and Tokyo. Further
investment was raised in April 2006. The company’s HQ is an old
almshouse in London’s Shoreditch district.

Alongside riches and fame, we’re committed to helping good things
happen in the world.

Enron Explorer is a technology demonstrator for Trampoline’s SONAR
platform. SONAR plugs into the corporate network and connects to
existing systems such as email servers, contact databases and document
archives. It analyses information from these systems to build a map of
social networks, information flows, expertise and individuals’
interests throughout the enterprise. Further details on Trampoline’s

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