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“A photo released by the Indian Coast Guard shows a Sentinelese aiming an arrow at a helicopter of the force as it flies over their island after the tsunami.” (PTI)–61317
Stone Age Tribe Kills Fishermen
by Peter Foster in New Delhi / February 9, 2006

“One of the world’s last Stone Age tribes has murdered two fishermen whose boat drifted on to a desert island in the Indian Ocean. The Sentinelese, thought to number between 50 and 200, have rebuffed all contact with the modern world, firing a shower of arrows at anyone who comes within range.”

“They are believed to be the last pre-Neolithic tribe in the world to remain isolated and appear to have survived the 2004 Asian tsunami. The men killed, Sunder Raj, 48, and Pandit Tiwari, 52, were fishing illegally for mud crabs off North Sentinel Island, a speck of land in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands archipelago.”

“Fellow fishermen said they dropped anchor for the night on January 25 but fell into a deep sleep, probably helped by large amounts of alcohol. During the night their anchor, a rock tied to a rope, failed to hold their open-topped boat against the currents and they drifted towards the island. “As day broke, fellow fishermen say they tried to shout at the men and warn them they were in danger,” said Samir Acharya, the head of the Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology, an environmental organisation. “However they did not respond – they were probably drunk – and the boat drifted into the shallows where they were attacked and killed.” The Indian coast guard tried to recover the bodies using a helicopter but was met by a hail of arrows.

Photographs shot from the helicopter show the near-naked tribesmen rushing to fire. But the downdraught from its rotors exposed the two fishermen buried in shallow graves and not roasted and eaten, as local rumour suggested. Attempts to recover the bodies have been suspended, although the Andaman Islands police chief, Dharmendra Kumar, said an operation might be mounted later.

Environmental groups urged the authorities to leave the bodies and respect the five-kilometre exclusion zone thrown around the island. In the 1980s and early 1990s many Sentinelese were killed in skirmishes with armed salvage operators who visited the island after a shipwreck. Since then the tribesmen have remained virtually undisturbed.”

“This is the closest photograph of any Sentineli ever taken. A woman collects coconuts thrown from boats of an Indian goverment “friendship mission” into the water for the Sentineli to pick up. After the Jarawa debacle caused by just such plan- and pointless visits, the visits to the Sentineli were suspended.” (Photo courtesy KAS Film 1993)

“Even today in the development of technology and the Internet, there are several tribes in the world that do not have contact with civilization. An American tourist male who tried to contact a tribe living in a remote island floating in the Indian Ocean, isolated from such civilization, was reported to have been incurred as “a shot being killed by a bow and arrow”.  On the northern sentinel island located in the eastern Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, about 50 to 150 indigenous people isolated from the civilization called ” sentinel tribe ” are said to live. The sentinel tribe who still seems to be living hunter gatherers still refuses contact with the outside and is a “mysterious tribe” showing the policy that the Indian government will not interfere.

“A 1974 photo includes a Sentinelese tribesman on the reclusive island where a young missionary was killed weeks ago. Similar tribes that interacted with outsiders fell to listlessness, alcoholism and exploitation from “human safaris” through one island’s traditional territory. Demographic and cultural collapse is another result from programs to deal with repeated outbreaks of deadly diseases. (National Geographic Society outtake)”

John Allen Chau, a 27 – year – old American tourist who tried to contact such sentinel tribe, asked local fishermen to get to North Sentinel Island. It is illegal to contact the sentinel tribe which had been isolated from civilization for a long time because the sentinel tribe may infect pathogens that are not resistant. However, according to Subir Bhaumik, a local journalist, Mr. Chau has asked local fishermen 4 or 5 times before, and the police said that he was illegally going to North Sentinel Island.  On November 14, 2018 Chau and the fishermen attempted to land on North Sentinel Island, but this time it ended in failure. And two days later on November 16, I decided to land again on the north sentinel island. Mr. Chau succeeded in contacting the sentinel tribe, but he was shot with a bow and arrow by the tribe. According to the fishermen who took Chau, “Mr. Chau was walking for a while even after being shot”, but watching the tribe rope over Chau’s head and dragged, The fishermen said that they fell into fear and ran away from the place.

According to local media Chau said that he went to North Sentinel Island to “propagate Christianity to indigenous peoples” but on SNS Mr. Chau introduced himself as “enthusiastic adventurer” It was. Mr. Chau’s body was found on the coast of North Sentinel Island on 20th November, but the danger of getting closer to North Sentinel Island itself is accompanied by great danger, so the body of Mr. Chau was not collected at the time of writing the article.  According to the Government of India, the Sentinels do not have significant contact with the outside for tens of thousands of years, and there is the possibility that there is no resistance to pathogens commonly owned by outside people. For that reason, contact with the Sentinels is prohibited by law, and from 2017 it is illegal to photograph islands from far away and leave them in photos and videos, and it is said that up to three years imprisonment will be charged about.

Sentinelese tribe has closer resemblance to Jarawas, slightly taller than other Andaman tribes, says expert
Further analysis revealed that the Sentinelese were found carrying bows and arrows, a distinguishing marker for this tribe.”

Baumik said, “The sentinel population is very small, I do not even know how to use money, every kind of contact is illegal,” he took Chau to North Sentinel Island in this incident 7 People’s fishermen have also been arrested. Murder by the tribe isolated from civilization is a very difficult case for the police, “It is impossible to arrest the sentinel people,” Bhaumik says, this case is a real murder case when the incident happens in a civilized society I will. The Sentinels were said to have been heavily damaged by the tsunami caused by the Sumatra earthquake that occurred in 2004, and at this time the navy helicopter under patrol got close to the island to confirm the safety of residents. Then it seems that the residents touched the helicopter by bowing arrows, approaching as far as the area where the residents were able to see. In addition, the sentinel teenager takes hostile action against external civilization, such as two local fishermen who were fishing illegally on northern sentinel in 2006 were killed by the tribe.

In addition, sentinel tribe Sentinel Language is so speak in a language that, but who can understand the sentinel language outside the island does not exist. People in contact with the Sentinel group can not decipher sentinel language because most of them are murdered or only short contact time is obtained otherwise.”

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