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You can grow a stool or a table frame like these:

Fruit growers have been training trees to shape since we don’t know
when, and furniture has been made of wood for thousands of years, so
why not train trees to make furniture? I’ve proved that it can be done.
All you need are three saplings, a plywood jig, instructions and a
little patience.

It takes about five years.

You need a suitable plot with enough space to allow access to the
growing stool from all sides, and three young saplings (known as
“whips”) of a suitable species such as Sycamore.

The easily assembled plywood jig, or drawings from which you can cut
your own, will be available soon.

For further details please email:
info [at] grown-furniture [dot] co [dot] uk [dot]

It comes flat packed, complete with instructions.

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