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***Eben Moglen***
Columbia law prof and general counsel for the Free Software Foundation. In
this keynote address recently given at the Plone conference, he draws the
best connection between free software and social justice I’ve yet heard. His
style of delivery takes a little getting used to, and you make take issue
with some of his points, but this is a fascinating address well worth an
hour’s listen. Would that _any_ of my college professors were this informed
and passionate about their fields of study.


A walkman with binaural mics that “phase vocodes” the ambient environmental
sound with additional flourishes.

***Semper Fi***
Philip Martin, a marine and Iraq war vet takes the current administration to
task brilliantly. “The sad fact of the matter is that we are not fighting
terrorists in Iraq. We are fighting the Iraqi people…”

***Spy vs. Spy***,,1-523-2484295-523,00.html

Have you been following this crazy story? The reportage has been horrible,
and this article manages to cut through the standard smokescreen put up in
all the other media outlets. Here’s why this is important. Putin has been
consolidating power for the last few years. A few brave reporters and former
KGB/FSB have tried to expose the truth–for instance, the FSB’s Reichstag
moment that gave them license to fight a war in Chechnya. These reporters
and spies are turning up dead at the same moment that Putin is wresting
control of oil resources away from Shell. Litvinenko was months away from
releasing an updated version of his damning book, “Blowing Up Russia” with
an appendix full of sources (which his original book lacked). The  amazing
thing is the smoking gun (alpha radiation) pointing directly to a former FSB
agent, himself now hospitalized with Russia refusing extradition  requests.
Don’t fall for the standard media bullshit about the complexity of the
situation, instead ask yourself who benefits from the murder of  whistleblowers.

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“From December 4 on, the Spain-based NGO Mensajeros de la Paz will be
present in the virtual world of Second Life as a homeless teenager
avatar named MensajerosDeLaPaz Jubilee. The kid hasn’t any land nor
properties, except for a cardboard box, some newspapers and a sign.”

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