The Magic of the Crystal Skulls – NYC 10:10:10

October 9th – 10th 10am-6pm New York, New York
Historic Event at FIT Conference Center, 28th street & 7th Ave. 

Planetary Transformation with Mayan Elder and ancient Crystal Skulls
Don Alejandro -Grand Elder of the Living Maya. Hunbatz Men -Mayan Solar Priest and Daykeeper. Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, Mayan Historian Flordemayo –shaman, one of the 13 Grandmothers AND 13 Crystal Skulls and their guardians along with the Atlantean Orb. Alan Steinfeld & New Realities along with The Edgar Cayce Center of NYC and Oracle Stone Productions present this 2 day Crystal Skull Event devoted to planetary transformation and the modern messages of the ancient crystal skulls.

First time ever this many ancient artifacts are coming together with Mayan Priests to create a group activation of transformation. This is the planetary event we have been waiting for. These stone skulls found in the ruins of past civilizations have now surfaced and are coming together for the first time in history. These human shaped heads carved out of pure silicon oxide crystal show no modern day machine marking and some are believed to over 5,000 years old. The legend of the 13 is what Steven Spielberg hinted at in his movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It seems that certain energetic frequencies are formed when these skulls come together. Synergistically they create a vortex that activates human consciousness revealing greater perceptions of reality. Some people say they are alien to this world; others believe they contain hidden knowledge records device that need to be activated by the right individual! Many others believe these crystal skulls have miraculous healing properties.

Highlights: Mayan Elders prophesy on 2012, two newly revealed ancient skulls, Light and Sound Harmonics, group activation and energy healing.
Keynote speakers: Mayan Elders & shamans: Grandfather Cirilo, Hunbatz Men, Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, Flordemayo
Crystal Skull experts: Stephen Mehler, DaEl Walker, Jaap van Etten, Kirby Seid. Musical genius: Steven Halpern, ceremonial drummer Imani. Shelley Yates on Fire The Grid of the Earth.
Skull Experts & Guardians: Stephen Mahler, Kirby Seid, Japp Van Eten, DaEl Walker, Jodi Serota.
For the public: $150 for this 2 -day event in New York City. 
Mayan elders, over 13 ancient crystal skulls with guardians and experts from around the world. Join us for this once in a lifetime event. Bring your crystals and your skulls for a two days of ceremonies, lectures, exhibits & energy healing. Participate by adding your frequency to one of the greatest shifts in human history.

COINCIDENTALLY, as PREDICTED | 10.13.2010 | UFOs over CHELSEA–Why-The-Sudden-Spurt-in-UFO-Sightings-1287095202/
UFO Over New York City: Why The Sudden Spurt in UFO Sightings? / 14 October, 2010

UFO New York City: Why The Sudden Spurt in UFO Sightings? Another unidentified flying object (UFO) has been sighted recently over Manhattan. The mysterious shining object appeared hovering over Manhattan’s West Side, leaving speculations for another UFO sighting over the city. But no one so far knows the truth behind the UFO over New York City. Reportedly, the silvery object was seen by the locals of Chelsea after which they contacted Police and the FAA at about 1.30 p.m. The sources from Law enforcement thought that the object was some sort of balloon. But it has been not yet confirmed what the object exactly was. A reporter sighted the tiny sliver dot hovering at approximately object 5,000 feet above 23rd St. and Eighth Ave. A dozen people gathered to catch its glimpse in the late afternoon. “It’s been hovering there for a while. I’m just kind of baffled,” told Joseph Torres of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who sighted the object after leaving a movie. “How can it be ordinary? There is something going on.” ”

You really have to look up to see it,” said another witness, Rico. “It’s a little crazy. I guess that’s why they call it an unidentified flying object because they don’t know what it is.” The social networking site, Twitter, was flooded with the messages that linked to a month-old press release of a book by a retired NORAD officer. It predicted that UFOs will be seen in earth’s major cities on 13th October this year. The Federal Aviation Administration also received calls from people at its operations center. But after reviewing radar data, the agency did not find anything out of the normal condition. “We re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can’t account for but there is nothing in the area,” stated Jim Peters, spokesman. “There was some helicopter traffic over the river at that time and we checked with LaGuardia Tower. And they said they had nothing going low at that time. Nothing that we can account for would prompt this kind of response,” he said. Peters told that if it were a weather balloon or any kind of organized balloon they would have got the prior notice for its release. But they did not get any notification. So the ‘UFO over NYC’ frenzy continues.

“SPANISH” BALLOONS,0,5816915.story

Several New Yorkers witnessed an unusual sight Wednesday afternoon when several shiny, circular objects were seen flying high above the streets of Manhattan. The NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration say around 1:30 p.m., they received calls from many people who saw the objects hovering over Chelsea. Many people took to Twitter to talk about the unidentified flying object sighting, and posted videos and photos of the bizarre event. Although officials could not confirm what the celestial objects were, skeptics believed the balloons were part of a tourism promotion event held on Broadway in Times Square for the centennial of the Madrid’s Gran Via on Wednesday, which included the release of several bunches of yellow balloons into the sky. Spanish newspaper El Mundo, explained, “Unfortunately for the advocates of ‘I want to believe’ what they saw on the 11.00 (New York time) were not UFOs, but dozens of yellow balloons that the City of Madrid had dropped in Times Square in a campaign to promote tourism on the Gran Via, which this year celebrates one hundred years.” A Westchester elementary school class also came forward Thursday claiming the balloons were from an engagement party the children held for their language arts teacher Andrea Craparo. A parent was walking to the Milestone School in Mount Vernon when the wind took away a bunch of white balloons intended for Craparo.

But believers cite a September 13 press release for the book Challenges of Change by retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham, which predicted a fleet of UFOs would descend upon Earth’s major cities on Wednesday, October 13. Fulham stated the extraterrestrials would neither land nor make any communication with Earth on Wednesday. But their presence would be “the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere dangerously approaching a ‘critical mass.’ […] They are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.” He asserts their contact with Earth is part of their process of leading mankind into accepting the “alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.” The book also states that with the help of a channeler, Fulham has been in contact with a group known as the Transcendors for more than a decade. He described them as a group of 43,000 eons-old souls, who use their experience and knowledge to provide information to “humans in search of basic realities of mankind’s existence.” The press release also stated: The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over “containment of collateral damages.” Utilizing the theme of the Four Horsemen as symbolic metaphor, Fulham warns mankind will survive all of these future challenges, except the CO2 pollution of our atmosphere. According to information provided to the author by the Transcendors, the build-up of CO2 pollution is rising 1% annually to a “critical mass” of 22% in which mankind could not survive “without outside intervention.”

The FAA also stated Wednesday that after reviewing radar information, they only found typical helicopter traffic above the West Side but could not detect anything unusual that would prompt the avalanche of reports they received. “We re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can’t account for but there is nothing in the area,” said FAA spokesman Jim Peters. “There was some helicopter traffic over the river at that time and we checked with LaGuardia Tower. And they said they had nothing going low at that time.” NYPD and FAA officials say if the objects were part of an planned, organized weather balloon release, it is protocol that they are notified in advance. Neither agency received alerts. The National Weather Service also stated they were not missing any weather balloons Wednesday. On Thursday, the FAA stated the objects remained unidentified. “We’ll let people draw their own conclusions as to what they saw in the air over New York City,” said Peters.

Former NORAD officer reports alien disclosure date: October 13, 2010 / 10.9.2010

October 13, 2010, is the disclosure date where mankind will have no doubt that aliens are among us, according to a book by a former NORAD officer. Retired Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham released the third edition of his 352-page book, Challenges of Change, which suggests that on October 13 there will be “a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.” The author predicts that the “aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.” The book “reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.” From a press release on the book: “The author draws upon his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public. In the military’s view, as conveyed to and understood by Fulham, the public is not yet ready to accept an alien reality.”

Will our world be changed forever on October 13, 2010?

(New) Special Announcement: Since the event which took place the afternoon of Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, in the skies above Manhattan, of the sudden appearance of up to approximately 200 unknown aerial objects, some of which, according to eye-witness accounts in media reports, hovered stationary for up to 45-minutes or more, and some of which disappeared and reappeared as if quite literally going into and out of dimensions, we have been completely innundated/deluged with media requests for interviews; requests for more information; commentaries; book orders, etc. We will begin a thorough review of all phone and e-mail messages on the afternoon of Friday, October 15th, 2010, to categorize, and then prioritize, all messages, and will respond accordingly. Thank you for your patience. In the interim, if you would like to order the book, Challenges of Change, the quickest means possible is though our PayPal link.

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