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We made it – lenin is there!!!!!!

19 Jan, 07 – 17:30
GPS-pos: S °’ | E °’ | Alt: 3725m
Temp:- 34°C
Distance Travelled:249km
Duration Travelled: 25hrs
Total: 1,756km
Distance Remaining:0km (0miles)
Altitude: 3725m (12,226ft)

“We reached the POI – the centre Antarctica – at 17.30 gmt on the 19th
Jan. We had been awake for 36 hours and had kited for 25 of those
hours to gain 249 km and reach our destination. When we were within
6km of the position signalled on the GPS we noticed a black dot on the
horizon – as we got closer an outline of bust started to appear – we
could not believe it as we were expecting at the very best a mound of
snow from when Lenin was left there 48 years ago.

He is standing on a chimney of the old Soviet hut about 2 meters above
the snow line – he is a shoulder bust of Lenin larger than life size.
It is made of some plastic composite – he is totally frost free as if
he was put there yesterday. It so so very surreal. We are all so
exhausted that we have only just put up the tent with Lenin’s stern
gaze over us!”

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