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Sep 28 – Guides are taking tourists on simulated illegal border
crossings from Mexico to the USA, complete with tunnels, swamps and
border guards.

Organisers deny the game is designed to train people to make the
illegal dash, instead saying it draws attention to the terror of an
illegal border crossing.

SOUNDBITE: Javier Garcia, Border Run Game leader, saying (Spanish):
”Many people have said that we train people, but it’s not like that.
We just do it so that people can see the suffering that every
immigrant experiences trying to cross to the United States.”

SOUNDBITE: Tania Fuentes Prieto, participant in game, saying (Spanish):
”I’ve no desire to go to the other side, but it shows people that here
in Mexico we can do lots of things without having to go anywhere else.”


timiTours Offers You the World

“Until recently timiCom’s travel services have been reserved for the
few. Now, whether its authentic trips round London’s Gangland or our
Bush-Meat Bonanza safari holidays, we’re truly expanding your

As part of our unique Destination Appraisal Process™, we’ve sent
selected volunteers – mostly top-board members and Indian businessmen
– to primitive, untested accommodation in many of Earth’s far-flung
corners. Leaving their loved ones at home, they’ve assessed facilities
with only ignorant, unsophisticated young local girls for
companionship. Our staff have followed every trail of red tape,
checked every link in the chain of contacts, and climbed every
mountain of bureaucracy, always with one goal in mind – your

Only a few thousand people each year go through the gamut of emotions
we call “Asylum Alley”. Now you can be one of them. Whether on a short-
haul from Kosovo or a long-haul from Karachi, the feelings you
experience as you ride along with a truck-load of would-be illegal
immigrants will be unique. And remember – this is one trip where you
won’t need your passport!

Just join the tour party at the starting point of your choice, and
hand over the fee. Carefully chosen agents acting on timiTour
instructions do the rest. Remember: if your party is intercepted by
customs or police, you’ll have an even longer vacation in your chosen
country, before being extradited home. And, at no cost to you!”

Prices (subject to change)

Short Haul: 5 nights $54,999.99
Long Haul: 23 nights $59,999.99
Note: local currency equivalent to the standard dollar price is
acceptable. The exchange rate will be notified by timiTours at
departure time.

Optional extras:-

Packet of moistened hand-wipes $1.49
Water (1 litre) $7.00
Toilet roll (1) $99.99
Toilet roll (5) $449.99


London Laughs

“Described as “tourism’s best kept secret”, London Laughs takes you on
an authentic tour of London’s famous Ganglands! Come and Crack a Coke
with the Yardies!

Arrive at London’s Heathrow or Gatwick Airport, where a friendly taxi
will whisk you to picturesque Brixton in less than 4 hours. You’ll
stay at an authentic SA Hostel. Or, for the more adventurous who want
to experience street life to the full, timiTours has a selection of
the best Under-Bridge and Shop-Doorway sites all protected by trained
minders. Soon after arrival, you will be contacted, and – who knows? –
you may even get to meet the Main Man!”

Prices (subject to change)

3 nights (accommodation only) $7,150.89 (transfers not included,
payment on a strictly no-cash no-stash basis).

Optional extras:-

authentic cardboard box (sleeps one) $47.00 Plus VAT
Compulsory Health Insurance (covers repatriation of remains or local
funeral expenses but not both) $23,999.99


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