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“The Graffiti Report Card is a mechanism that you can use to judge
graffiti. It’s a sticker with an arrow on it that points to the
graffiti. The sticker has a number of categories you can judge the
graffiti on as well as a space to write your own comments. The way you
use the Graffiti Report Card is you:

1: Find a piece of graffiti you love or hate.
2: Print out the PDF I’ve included in this article
3: Fill out the graffiti report card with your comments
4: Stick it up on the wall next to the graffiti
5: Take a picture and send it to me or post it to the Graffiti Report
Card Flickr Group

What is the background of the Graffiti Report Card?

It’s a project I started a couple of months ago after seeing my
neighborhood (The Mission District of San Francisco) receive an
amazing amount of ugly, large, and talentless graffiti. I wanted a way
to combat the ugly graffiti while at the same time give praise to the
talented graffiti writers who I feel make the streets more beautiful.
It occurred to me, that many of our local taggers don’t realize how
ugly and talentless their graffiti is, so I wanted to give them some

I did some research and found the perfect project called the Graffiti
Critique. The Graffiti Critique is a form you use to critique graffiti
which suited my purposes well. I contacted Drew Heffron, the person
who created the Graffiti Critique who was supposedly giving out this
form as a PDF. I really love the design and execution. I had no luck
getting the form though, so I just created my own.”

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