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For sale: Decommissioned underground missile complex in Arizona 2019


Former Larson Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility

Located Central Washington between Moses Lake and Ritzville
Ten Minutes to Interstate 90  /  1.5 hours West of Spokane

57 acres more or less

16 UNDERGROUND buildings including
3 – 160′ Tall Missile Silo
3 – (4 story) Equipment Terminal Bldgs
2 – Antenna Silos
100′ Diameter Control Dome Bldg.
125′ Diameter Power Dome Bldg.

TERMS: $300,000 down
balance @ 7% interest only all due in 3 years


$10,000 escrowed earnest money required – contingent upon inspection.

The facility is also available for lease all or part for up to 30
years with options to renew.  Flexible terms. This property will be re-
listed until sold, leased or a joint venture deal signed.

For information:

Contact: Bari Hotchkiss (949) 842-9479
bahotchkiss [at] yahoo [dot] com




Coordinates: http://maps.yahoo.com/broadband/#lon=-118.823125&lat=47.188386&mag=3

Recent Questions and Answers:

Q: How many acres are in this sale and what are the dimensions. Is a
survey available?

A:  There are approx. 57 acres.  It is approx. 1720′ by 1520′ MINUS a
pie shape slice on the SW corner measuring 360′ by 960′.  We have an
almost complete set of original blueprints including actual “as built”
maps showing exactly where everything is on the parcel.

Q: Sirs:

I am interested in the recent auction that you have listed on Ebay &
Missile Base.  The property is listed as “The Former Larson Air Force
Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility” & seems adequate for my needs,
but the details on the underground facilities and tunnels are too
sketchy to make any plans. The property will be for personal use as a
private residence and air strip. Based on the details you have
provided so far I can assume that the underground facility is usable
but requires complete retrofitting to house a private residence. I am
not asking for a detailed workout of the entire facility, but just for
a general layout of the levels as to where any current plumbing,
electrical & sewage access is. I also would like to request a work-up
on financial proceedings containing total cost, three year balloon,
interest and any other helpful information that I might need to
consider. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hopefully
doing business with you.

A: First – Thank you for your interest. Second – where do I begin…..

If you are only interested in using the place as a residence then you
have your choice of 16 buildings to choose from.  The Power Dome alone
is 125′ in diameter with about a 65′ center ceiling.  That’s more than
12,000 square feet of open space.  You could literally build any type
of typical house INSIDE the Power Dome – if that was what you wanted
to do.  OR You could remodel all or part of the Control Dome, which
itself is a 100′ diameter two story dome containing over 7800 square
feet in the first floor alone.  OR you could decide to live in one of
the THREE, four story equipment terminal buildings that contain about
1200 square feet of floor space on EACH floor!!  OR you could build an
apartment in the AIR INTAKE BUILDING, which OVERLOOKS the Power Dome
so you could have an UNDERGROUND APARTMENT WITH A VIEW!!  The Air
Intake Building is 60′ in diameter with about a 20′ high ceiling!!
That works out to about 2800 square feet of living space.   OR you
could choose to live in one or BOTH of the Antenna SILOS – They are
30′ in diameter with about a 40′ ceiling ON THE FIRST FLOOR!  The
lower level is also 30′ in diameter with about a 20′ ceiling.
ADDITIONALLY, if you chose to live in one or both of the Antenna
Silos, you could retrofit the ANTENNA SILO  – SILO DOORS – each
weighing about 50 tons  – with a new hydraulic opening system and then
you could have your own push button 100-ton opening skylight.  And if
you really wanted to go whole hog, you could live in the bottom of one
of the 155′ tall MISSILE SILOS and retrofit the 150 ton SILO DOORS so
you could push a button and open them up – 155′ above the floor!!

The crazy thing about all of this is that THIS IS ALL ABSOLUTELY
POSSIBLE!!!   I am NOT making any of this up!!  The only limit is your
budget AND imagination!

The best place for info on a Titan missile base is from SILOMAN at

At  http://www.siloworld.com/ICBM/TITAN/T1/SITE1.HTM and at
http://www.siloworld.com/ICBM/TITAN/T1/DIAGRAM3.HTM and
http://www.siloworld.com/ICBM/TITAN/T1/sideview1.htm you can see
various diagrams and layouts.

Think of the place like an underground shopping mall only tunnels
instead of a big open hallway connect the various “stores”.

The place was all fitted out to operate as a NUCLEAR MISSILE BASE with
THREE 100′ Titan rockets SET UP UNDERGROUND ready to fire at any
time.  It has never been set up to be a house or anything else.  There
are literally tens of thousands of feet of usable space available.
None of the original electrical or water or septic systems is usable.
They have all been removed and would not have been cost effective to
use anyway.  There is a new modern septic system above ground for the
existing manufactured home.  This could be used or you could design
and build a different system based on whatever need you may have.


Total Price                                    $1,500,000
Down Payment                                 300,000
Balance                                            1,200,000

$1,200,000 @ 7% interest ONLY per year = $84,000 per year or $7,000
per month.  Balance at the end of year three is $1,200,000.

Q: In your description you listed a possibility of leasing, what would
the terms of the lease be? I do have some interest in it as a resort /
amusement type facility but before purchasing it I would be like to
lease it for a couple months to calculate the feasibility and
different options, as well as create a business plan so I could get
funding to turn it into an amusement park/resort. Thanks for your time

We are very interested in a resort type development.  With a long-term
lease we would be willing to give lease credit for (help subsidize)
capital improvements made to the property.

A: For example, if you invested $5,000,000 or more we would credit up
to 90% of the lease payment for up to ten years.  If the lease payment
were $10,000 per month your actual cash lease payment would only be
$1,000 a savings of $9,000 per month, which is $108,000 per year.
Over the ten-year subsidy you would save $1,080,000.

Bari Hotchkiss

Q: I was looking at siloman.com. Wondered how badly the missile base
at Larson AFB that you are advertising has been vandalized? Is the
electrical system at all intact? Power for lighting etc., I have
several contacts that may be interested in a property or project like
this. First question will probably be how much money to restore it to
a usable state. How many square feet of usable floorspace are in this
facility? Is there a functional sewer and water system? And of what
Thank you,

A: Chris – Thanks for your interest.

Vandalism consists of spray paint, which is easily removed or painted

Every single one of the old missile bases has been scrapped out.  None
of them have useable electrical or sewer systems etc.  Most all of
them have major water problems – either completely filled with water
or giant heaps of rust.  Ours is one of the rare ones, and the only
useable TITAN that I know of that is DRY!

There is about 45,000 square feet of useable floor space, not
including the tunnels, in the sixteen underground buildings.  About
half of this space has ceiling heights of about 8 – 10 feet.  The rest
have ceiling heights of about 20′ and 40′ and the power dome – 65′.
The THREE missile silos have 155′ ceiling heights (with the rocket
holding structure removed from two of them).

We have a newer well and private water system to the above ground
homes and drip irrigation system.  It has not been connected to the
underground yet.

Cost to restore to “usable state” depends on what type of use and what
ones budget is.

If you want to use the ENTIRE underground I would guess you would need
several millions of dollars to remodel it all into some new use.  If
you only need one or a couple of the buildings to begin with, several
hundred thousand dollars might do it.  Again, it would depend on the
final use.

Bari Hotchkiss (949) 842-9479

Q: I have a few questions for you:
Are there any residential facillites, kitchens, etc ?
Is the facillity self contained? Sewage treatment etc?
What sort of restrictions are there? Can you reside there? Have a
What does it take to view the property? A deposit?
Are you open to offers? Can you dismantle all or part? Thankyou for
your response.

A: All 1950’s vintage equipment was removed 40 years ago.  The
buildings are mostly empty and will need to be remodeled (somewhat)
for a new use.  Two of the missile silos still have about 90 feet of
rocket holding structure in them.  The third has been emptied all the
way to the bottom (155′ open ceiling height).  Sewage treatment for
the facility will have to be designed and installed for whatever new
use the place is used for.  The zoning is commercial/ industrial with
few restrictions.  There are currently two manufactured homes above
ground.  If you wanted to live below ground – that would be your
choice.  I am open to reasonable offers.  There is not much to
dismantle, considering the size of the complex.

The most comprehensive site for information on a Titan 1 complex is at
siloworld.com.  You need to do all your research first and be sure you
really want the place then put an offer in with a $10,000 earnest
money deposit into escrow -contingent on inspection.  If accepted I
will then make arrangements to open the place up for a showing.  If
you are interested in leasing or a joint venture please call me to
discuss your plans.  Thank you, Bari Hotchkiss

Q: Hi. Has this station been fully declassified? when was it
decommissioned? is any equipment left on property? What type of a
joint venture might you be looking for? is there an easy access to
underground or only military type? vehicle access underground? how
about utilities: water, gas, electricity? Is it too far from all
civilization to make a unique restaurant/tour ground with a hotel
facility built nearby? Can something be built on that land? thanx

A: Yes, and was decommissioned in the mid-1960’s.  Most all of the
1950’s vintage equipment was removed when decommissioned.

Joint Venture (Preferred)- something neat – not like raising

Can be easy access.  Current stairs.  Big cargo elevator to surface
could be retrofitted.  Could make driveup access to a section of
tunnel.  Water (private well) and electric on site.  Gas-only trucked
in propane for gas – no pipelines around.

I think it would make a really neat resort/camp/retreat facility.
Located about 1/2 hour from Moses Lake, Washington – a few minutes off
I-90.  About 1.5 hours to Spokane. About 4-5 hours to Seattle area.

Property currently zoned commercial/industrial.  Can build pretty much
what you want.

Q: I have a few questions that I need to have answered and hoping that
you have them, I wanted to know if there are elevators that work or
stairs, I all so wondered about If some of the computers are
operational like to operate the antenas,can it be lived in and are
there restrictions on what you can do with the place. I want to turn
it into a unique spa place, I wondered if the taxes would be pro rated

Mike – Thanks for your interest.

A: The 1950’s vintage elevators were removed forty years ago.  They
could be retrofitted with new equipment.  There are stairs that lead
down to the tunnel level approx. five stories below ground.  Almost
all of the 1950’s vintage equipment (and most everything else) was
removed forty years ago.  There are no computers.  Pretty much just
the main buildings (stripped) and the connecting tunnels.  Living
underground would be a personal choice.  The property is zoned
commercial/industrial with few restrictions.

I have always thought a Spa/retreat/camp/resort would work well.
Taxes would be prorated.  We would also be willing to joint venture to
help develop the place or to do a long term lease with options to
renew(start with a smaller portion of the facility and expand as

This is a fantastic property in a neat location and we want it to be
something special as such we are very willing to help see that this

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