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Dozens of otherwise well-housed, middle-class French have been
spending nights in tents along the canal, in the 10th Arrondissement,
in solidarity with the country’s growing number of “sans domicile
fixe,” or “without fixed address,” the French euphemism for people
living on the street. The bleak yet determinedly cheerful sleep-in is
meant to embarrass the French government into doing something about
the problem.

In an effort to increase pressure on politicians, another group, Don
Quixote’s Children, marshaled some of the tent dwellers last year to
set up their tents along the Canal St.-Martin, in the heart of “bobo”
(short for bourgeois bohemian) Paris. The canal was dug by Napoleon to
supply Paris with clean drinking water. Since mid-December, the
encampment has become a happening in one of Paris’s most happening


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