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“The idea for InnoCentive came to Alph Bingham and Aaron Schacht in 1998 while working at the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company, during a brainstorming session exploring the application of the Internet to business. InnoCentive was then launched in 2001. We have been enabling corporations, government, and nonprofits across a range of industries to embrace the power of the crowd ever since.”

This overview screen shows you how to use the free registration process
to become an InnoCentive Solver and submit Solutions for financial
awards. To help you become more familiar with using the web site,
sample screens are included.

First, select a scientific discipline Chemistry or Biology to search
for InnoCentive Challenges that are of interest to you.

Here you can see the abstract statement of an InnoCentive Challenge
including the cash incentive, the deadline for submission of proposed
solutions and the molecular structure for the challenge.

Note the deadline and the cash award

To access the detailed information on an InnoCentive Challenge you need
to register. As a registered Solver you can access the online project
area, view challenge details and the solution submission criteria. As a
member of the InnoCentive Solver community we notify you via email of
new InnoCentive Challenges and noteworthy news based on the selections
in your Solver profile.

Select an InnoCentive Challenge to work on by clicking the “Work on
this InnoCentive Challenge.” This will take you to the user agreement
and solution submission criteria.

If you’d like you can preview the agreement here.

Please read the Solver Agreement carefully as it outlines the terms,
conditions and use of solution proposals submitted to InnoCentive.

Now you have an online project room to save your work and submit your
solution proposal.

* If you’d like clarification about a particular InnoCentive
Challenge, you may post messages. These messages are reviewed and
answered by the scientific team at InnoCentive.
* Upload your solution documents and files into your project room.
* Click on “Submit Your Solution” to send your solution proposal to
InnoCentive and the Seeker company for review.

All solutions are validated by the Solution Seeker and reproduced in a
laboratory. If your solution proposal is “Accepted” by the Seeker
company, you will be awarded the cash incentive.

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