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In yesterday’s New York Times, Tom Zeller writes about Internet access
in North Korea, touching on their almost non-existent web presence.
Among the tiny handful of official sites mentioned is the Korea
Computer Centre’s Naenara (or “My Country”) — the nation’s official
portal. Hosted in Germany and translated into a number of languages,
it’s a very entertaining glimpse into the public exterior of the DPRK.

In addition to being a mouthpiece for national propaganda and a free
e-mail provider, they also have an unusual and quirky web-based store.
Aside from the usual books, CDs, and software (?), they offer an entire
section of both cell phone ringtones (“handphone melodies”) and
wallpaper (“characters”). (Cell phones are banned in North Korea, so
these must be designed for sympathizers outside of the country.)

The wallpapers section is particularly good. For only US$0.50, you
could have an animated caricature of George W. Bush as a panting dog
with American flag necktie. Or head to page two for delightful
animations of burning American flags, giant fists crushing the White
House, or what appears to be an American soldier with a missile
embedded in his chest, sulking dejectedly to a graveyard. They take
Mastercard and Visa, so buy now!

I couldn’t read the ringtone pages, but let me know if one of them has
the melodious voice of Kim Jong Il. (I’d take that over Fergie any

Oh, and they have really, really great error messages. If you try to
link directly to any of their images (like this one), you get this
error: “You are fool!”


“I love this. Particularly good from the wallpapers page are the
two doves unfurling the banner that says “PEACE”… right next to the
giant fist of doom crushing the White House. Hee.”

“Heh, that whole site is very interesting indeed. Propoganda at its
best. Everyone, lets suppliment their national budget, buy some
wallpapers and ringtones!”


WWW.KCCKP.NET is the biggest Internet site in DPRK that operates as
a base of information communication.
It provides useful information concerning whole field of politics,
economy and culture of DPRK. North-south relationship has opened up a
new stage of development after the historical declaration of Jun.15
Joint Statement attracting the world attention to the Korea’s
reunification. Multilateral international relationship including
Korea-Russian, Korea-America and Korea-Japan relationship is the focus
of the world people’s attention. The reality requires that the world
people have a quicker and correct understanding of Korea in order to
strengthen the solidarity.

What kind of information is available?
The visitors to our site can gather deep and wide information about
Korea. First of all it is possible to know the clear and consistent
point of view of DPRK on the current international problems. And it
will be helpful for you to know the real situation of Korea.

Membership and information service

Do I need to gain membership?
Of course you may not have a membership. You can browse many
information without membership. But it is recommended that you gain a
membership in order to enjoy advantage in using our website.

What additional information service is available?
You’ll have your own mail account and make a full use of
convenient “Naenara” web mail service. Users can be provided with
news and information in concern through “Naenara” e-mail.

How is the user information protected?
The security of user information is fully guaranteed. “Naenara”
website regards it as its prime mission to protect privacy. Naenara
website has built various security environment and is upgrading it
continuously. It uses SSL. The 24-hour monitoring system is on alert to
protect the site from hacking and viruses.”

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