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posted by Bonafide at 1:20 AM on September 20, 2006

[2:30] Tomorrow (actually today) Sept 20th will be a Government
Holiday, All Banks will be closed, including the Stock Market in order
to settle things down.

[2:00] Check out this blog based on the
today’s coup date. Clever fellow, courtesy of Kit

[1:30] Apparently, the elder man from before is Retired
Lieutenant-General Prapart Sakuntanak… now who was that lady?

[1:27] Some Thai Guys, photoblog of the scene >>> here

[1:24] Oh, the rep has changed. Coming on to basically say Police &
Army should not move unless given orders from the King. The King has
power of the PM for now? All Government should operate as normal under
the Head of each Deparment except for the Department of Defense, he
should report to coup who is controlled by the King – is the King
really behind this?
I seriously doubt it would be an action the King would sanction. Just
because they said they are loyal to the King doesn’t mean he approves
of it or authorizes it.

[01:10] The 1997 Constitution has been revoked… I heard rumors
eariler this month that the King thought it was flawed… maybe the
King is involved in this? a Pre-Coup to prevent planned-coup by another
faction? Possibily……

[12:47] There goes CNN, BBC and all the International cable news
channel… now just a matter of getting the Internet down…. I’ll see
you guys when Thailand becomes civilized again…

[12:46] Hrm, apparently my friend’s father who’s a House of Rep for
Thai Rak Thai has disappeared, along with a few other Reps…. this is
touching a little too close to home

[12:45] So this represenative came on TV and basically due the fact
that two major political parties – Thai Rak Thai & Democratic party
cannot come to civilizied conclusion and thanks to constant escalating
protests by the PAD. The Army has taken temporary control of the order
of Thailand until the two sides can come to a agreement. He says the
Army has no intention of running the country and “will” return the
“power” back to the citizens of Thailand as soon as the country is
settled. Apparently, the speech was prepared by the Army General Sonthi

[12:43] Side note, guess the Army isn’t smart enough to block the
Internet yet…. since they already killed the radio & tv stations…
lets see how long it takes for them to figure it out….

[12:30am] Apparently, the “represenative” of Sonthi has stated the are
sanctioned by the Royal Family. I seriously doubt the King of Thailand
has actually sanctioned this… 10 bucks by the time this over…
Sonthi and his faction is going to ousted, deported and exiled from
Thailand… its 2006 not 1991/1973

I spoke way too soon.

So after recieving 20 text messages all saying the same thing for since
7 o clock “I got inside information, there is going to be a military
coup in BKK” from a bunch of friends and elder people. I got my ass out
Nung Len and headed home.

Turned on the Thai TV stations…. great – all the stations have happy
pictures drawn by children and pictures of the Royal Family with some
happy Army music playing…

This is a bad sign…

Turn on CNN…. Tanks rolling around Parliment and Prime Minister
house…. Oh crap this is a really bad sign….

Side note, My friend’s comment – “This is 3rd military coup, I’ve been
through!” I chuckle a bit.
Oh man… everyone go find the nearest uncle who’s in the Army.

Crazy times in Bangkok…

I can only imagine what the King is thinking at this very moment.
Something, to the tune of “What the hell is wrong with the people who
have power in this country?” Apparently, they all suffer from

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