From the archive, originally posted by: [ spectre ]

“ScatterChat is a new hactivist program from the Cult of the Dead Cow.
It’s an anonymous chat program that combines gaim, an open source
encrypted chat protocol, with TOR, an open source “onion router” that
disguises the origin and destination of packets, so that no one can
know what you’re chatting, nor whom you’re chatting with.

ScatterChat is a HACKTIVIST WEAPON designed to allow non-technical
human rights activists and political dissidents to communicate securely
and anonymously while operating in hostile territory. It is also useful
in corporate settings, or in other situations where privacy is desired.
It is a secure instant messaging client (based upon the Gaim software)
that provides end-to-end encryption, integrated onion-routing with Tor,
secure file transfers, and easy-to-read documentation.”

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