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35 minute audio of RNC Conference Call on Harriet Miers

“Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, held a nationwide conference call with grassroots leaders to discuss the nomination of Harriet E. Miers to the United States Supreme Court.”

“Regarding the SCOTUS nomination, here’s a theory:

Bush wants very badly to put an very Right-Wing Conservative on the bench, but knows that he nominates someone the Dems consider too conservative, they will put up a fight, and with his popularity waning,
he doesn’t want a fight. What does Bush do?

How about… Nominate someone that your OWN PARTY will hate! This allows Bush to look like he’s trying to hire someone moderate (i.e. what America wants) and not play politics. So, he picks Harriet Miers, a woman with no judicial experience and someone that would cause a stir with Conservatives, who will fight to keep her off the bench. However, it appears in all likelihood that Harriet Miers is such a Bush supporter (his good friend for years) that she probably has all of the views that the conservatives would like – the only problem is that the
Ultra-conservatives don’t know her well enough.

What does this accomplish? If many Repubs fight her, but she still gets approved, Bush has his good friend (and good soldier) on the Supreme Court. Bush Wins, and I think we would find out that she is VERY conservative.

If Miers doesn’t get approved, Bush goes back to the drawing board and picks someone even MORE conservative (let’s say Alberto Gonzales for this example).

The Dems would complain, but the Republicans would be able to say, “Miers wasn’t qualified, but Gonzales is VERY qualified, and we wouldn’t put someone on the bench if he wasn’t qualified – that’s why we voted against Miers!” It also allows the Repubs to show that they have “backbone” and have their own opinions – allowing them to distance themselves from a lame duck president.

Bush can say “Hey, I tried nominating someone more moderate, but it wasn’t what the country wanted, so I nominated my good buddy, Alberto.”

The usual Republican smear machine (Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc) starts yelling that the Dems don’t want someone qualified, etc, etc., so the Democrats roll over and Gonzales (the man Bush probably wanted from the beginning) gets appointed to the Supreme Court. Bush Wins.

Please tell me this theory is crazy, because I don’t want this to happen!”

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